Want To Sell Product? Sleep With Your Customers

logo - Fast CompanyArticle link: “Want To Sell Product? Sleep With Your Customers”

by Martin Lindstrom
Fast Company, June 8, 2011

Talking about corporate design & marketing through examples of coffee, tv remote controls and stain removers, but good, applicable lessons for any market.


“Here’s the truth: I have come to spend a large part of my time living in consumers’ homes. It began a few years ago when I was asked to the Philippines to help an ailing coffee brand. For years the major coffee manufacturer in the region had attempted to run an advertising campaign during the rainy season. It’s traditionally a time of celebration, and if a coffee brand could “own” this, it would be a license to print money. The coffee company had run an expensive television campaign featuring smiling people drinking the brew in the shelter of their homes while rain pitter-pattered down on the roof. To everyone’s surprise, it seemed the association with the rainy season was a major turn-off. Sales decreased, and in turn left everyone baffled. Just before the annual rains were due, I headed off to Manila to work out why.”


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