Prakti High Efficiency Stoves

I’ve just recently returned from a trip to India as part of an UnBox Fellowship exploring sustainability in Auroville, near Pondicherry on the southeast coast.  Auroville is a sort of experimental utopian community founded in 1968, in an attempt to create a society without nationality, belonging to and driven by humanity as a whole.  Its priorities are on a mix of spirituality, sustainability and the ability to work as a harmonious society, open to anyone from around the world who will participate and contribute to the community.  It was a pleasure to visit and a rewarding experience and I plan to write about in more detail in another post.

Auroville is full of remarkable people researching and developing various technologies and practices for sustainability and development, and one of the people we had the pleasure to meet was Mouhsine Serrar, the founder and CEO of the Prakti Design Lab.  Prakti designs, manufactures and sells a range of high-efficiency, low-smoke stoves that address environmental, economic and health issues for its customers.

Mohsine Serrar welcomes us to the office

Founder and CEO Mouhsine Serrar introduces Prakti stoves to the UnBox fellows

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Africa can teach the world to innovate, says author


Article Link:  “Africa can teach the world to innovate, says author”, August 2, 2011

CNN’s Robyn Curnow sat down with Dayo Olopade to talk about what global businesses can learn from African innovation.  Says Olopade, “There are ways of doing more with less that are very organic to the African ecosystem, and I think in general in the 21st century there’s a very important recognition that we need to all do more with less, and where better to look that the place that has been doing this for centuries?”

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Dayo Olopade is a Nigerian-American journalist and author of forthcoming book The Bright Continent, about how “advanced economies can learn a thing or two from Africa’s innovative spirit.”

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