Design for Social Impact 2.0 [Catapult Design]

Following up on a recent post, Heather Fleming of Catapult Design shares her thoughts as an attendee of the Social Impact Design Summit on February 27.  The following was originally published on Catapult’s blog, reposted here with permission.

Last week Cooper-Hewitt and the National Endowment for the Arts hosted a “Social Impact Design Roundtable” with the gracious support of several foundations.  The premise for the day was defined by three questions:

  1. Where are the gaps in socially responsible design?  What are the biggest challenges?
  2. What are organizational models of successful and sustainable ways of working in socially responsible design?
  3. How can we effectively prepare future generations of designers for this growing area of design?

So what were some of the outputs from the roundtable?  Expect a whitepaper synopsis by Julie Lasky available on the web in the next few months.  But in case your expectations are high, there wasn’t any particularly new information revealed at the session.  In the past four convenings I’ve attended, we’ve identified more or less the same challenges: